ACME PCB assembly is meeting the growing demand for tabletop “box builds” with a dedicated team covering purchasing, electronics engineering, contract manufacturing services, and testing.

The result is a full turnkey solution to your exact requirements. Our continuous development of suppliers from the component level to metal and plastic fabricators enables us to meet the most demanding schedules with full PCB assembly, ACME PCB assembly also has a clear competitive edge in the total turnkey market.

The electronic box build, or called electronic box assembly build is an assembly work other than a printed circuit board assembly (PCBA). It is an electronic mechanical assembly process, which include enclosure fabrication, installation, and routing of cable, wire harnesses, installation of sub-assembly and components. People knows as The box build  mean a PCB Assembly (PCBA) in a big cabinet full of wires, or a small enclosure.

After PCB assembly, testing, need put this assembled PCB in to a box and sale to end user as a finished product. Need box drawing, top assembly drawing, wire routing drawing to do the electronics box assembly job.

ACME PCB Assembly fills the niche of Low-Mid volume box build assembly that our customer may find burdensome. We have the right equipment, space, and machinists to accommodate the most complex and custom assemblies.  Our electromechanical assembly service include enclosure fabrication, installation of sub-assembly and components installation, routing of cabling or wire harness.

Box Build

ACME PCB assembly is located in Cason, CA which is in Southern California, 10 miles south of Los Angeles airport, and 10 miles north of Long beach.

ISO 9001:2015 and IPC 610 is our standards.

Please give us a call at 310-715-1898 or email us if we can be any assistance.