For more than 30 years, ThermaCote, Inc. has been a leading producer of state-of-the-art weather barrier coating technology. Through continuous research and development, we produce easy-to-use coatings to seal indoor and outdoor surfaces with a safe, weatherproof layer that enhances the energy efficiency of any structure. The versatility and safe formulations of ThermaCote® make it an ideal sealing solution for a range of industries and applications, from new building construction to schools and parking areas.


ThermaCote® is a spray-on thermal barrier coating that reduces the effects of external environmental conditions. Some of the main industries that benefit from it include:


A building envelope is the barrier between the outdoor environment and the indoor conditioned space of a building. It typically consists of a sub-floor, roof, doors, windows, and exterior walls. To provide optimal protection from moisture, wind, precipitation, heat, and freezing temperatures, construction companies apply a thermal barrier such as ThermaCote® to the outdoor surfaces of buildings.

Easy-to-apply ThermaCote® offers long-lasting, environmentally friendly protection from the elements, for enhanced energy savings for years to come. When applied to roofing, ThermaCote® protects the structure and provides relief from the Urban Heat Island Effect (UHIE). By mitigating the effects of UHIE, ThermaCote® reduces the thermal expansion of substrate materials and prevents exposure to damaging UV radiation.


ThermaCote® provides industrial thermal coating for transportation vehicles, particularly for sealing the envelope of shipping containers and water-bound vehicles. Our expertise extends to a variety of high-performance transportation applications, including:

  • Tractor Trailers: A high-performance ThermaCote® ceramic coating applied to the roof of Mitchell Container Service’s tractor trailers repels solar energy, reducing heat and cold transfer through the roof and improving overall energy efficiency.
  • Airport Boarding Bridges: ThermaCote® applied to non-air-conditioned boarding bridges at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport reduces ambient temperatures in the boarding bridges, makes them more comfortable for passengers, and improves overall energy efficiency.
  • Water-Bound Fishing Trawler Ships: Energy Control Insulation applied ThermaCote®, an excellent marine thermal barrier coating, to the pilothouse of the Master Tyler, a trawler built by Rob Regus Ship Build to help reduce condensation and thermal bridging, repel solar energy, and prevent unwanted heat and cold transfer.

School Classrooms and Offices

ThermaCote® is engineered using safe, environmentally friendly materials that can be applied to both indoor and outdoor surfaces. It is ideal for use in classrooms, offices, playgrounds, and parking lots.

  • Schools: Since ThermaCote® is a non-toxic coating, it can be used safely in school classrooms and offices. Our coating has been approved by the Collaborative for High Performing Schools for indoor air quality.
  • Interiors: ThermaCote® provides versatile, safe protection in indoor settings. It is applied as a liquid, which allows it to adhere to nearly any clean, dry surface. Interior coating helps to enhance energy efficiency and extend the service life of structural components, HVAC, and other interior systems and equipment.
  • Playgrounds and Parking Structures: ThermaCote® provides superior protection for outdoor structures and exposed surfaces that can be affected by solar energy and UHIE. Playgrounds in particular can grow too hot for children to play. Similarly, parking structures, driveways, and lots can retain heat and become dangerously hot. By applying a thin coating of ThermaCote® to exposed surfaces in parking structures and playgrounds, you significantly reduce heat gain, making these areas safer and more comfortable.

Defense and Military

ThermaCote® offers a variety of specialized solutions for our customers in the Defense and Military Industry. Submit an inquiry to our experts to learn how we can improve your next defense or military project.


ThermaCote® is committed to exceptional quality, and our dedication is reflected in our ratings and accreditations including:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Registered Firm
  • Cool Roof Rating Council Membership & Rating
  • MasterSpec Listed
  • Collaborative for High Performance Schools Product
  • MAS Certified Green
  • UL Product Certified
  • ICC ES Listed
  • Member of U.S. Green Building Council

Choose Outstanding Protection with ThermaCote®

Whether you need thermal coating for your roofing project or safe indoor coating for your school or office, ThermaCote® provides the perfect protective solution for your application. To learn more about our thermal coating solutions, view case studies of our completed projects, or contact us today!


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